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songs for drew ep


i moved to dallas, texas in the first week of 2018 following the life wreckage that inspired “the impossible gospel of gypsy jones.” with no local producer or engineer, and determined to stay in practice, i decided to use garageband loops & my USB mic and produce, write, and record a song in a single session every day.

i only made it a week, but “chasing the sun,” “all my fault,” and “who you know” were a result of those single sessions and turned out to be the start of the “songs for drew” EP. to finish up “who you know,” i hounded my nashville-based rapper friend Jerm X for a feature (which he destroyed in the best way).

“trust issues” came shortly after, a collaboration with producer drew jackson, followed by "no frontin’,” the only track on the EP to feature a beat by producer un. “free to fly” wasn’t added to the mix until almost 9 months later, replacing the one-session song that had been the previous intro track and changing the entire mood of the project.

start to finish, “sfd” is an exploration of sounds, vocals, and emotions surrounding the growth process of finally evolving beyond repeat situations and people that “drew” represents, into a new focus & way of being.

who is drew?

there’s actually three drews! the original inspiration for much of the content for the project is producer drew jackson, who arranged “trust issues.” (and that’s all the details i’ll spare about that.)

there’s also a second drew, the first fan to buy “the impossible gospel of gypsy jones,” and a third drew, drew drewski, who produced the intro track.

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